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Etiquette Emergency: 10/15/14

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{Top image via Lavender & Twine on GWS} BRIDE WARS... Q.  A close friend of mine is also engaged and planning her wedding.  I’ve noticed there is now a lot of tension in our conversations regarding each other’s wedding plans.  It almost feels like there is a competitive and bitter edge.  This is... read more

Etiquette Emergency: 9/16/14

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{Top image via Wings of Glory Photography} HOW TO TOAST Q.  Is it rude to give the people who are toasting us guidelines or time limits? A.  The trick here is to provide guidelines in the kindest of ways.  When you invite someone to speak at your wedding, you should be very clear as to the expectati... read more

Etiquette Emergency: 8/21/14

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{Top Image via Simply Bloom Photography} DESTINATION WEDDINGS - KEEPING IT SMALL Q.  We both have huge families and want to plan an intimate destination wedding to keep it simple and affordable.  We’ve been told that we still need to invite our whole families and hope that only some will make the tr... read more

Etiquette Emergency: 7/24/14

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{Top Image via Nikki Meyer Photography} Guest List Standby Q.  Is it appropriate to have fill-ins for your guest list?  We can only fit a certain number of guests at our venue.  As we receive rsvp regrets, is it ok to send an invitation to guests who didn’t make the initial cut?  Our fear is that th... read more