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Q: My best friend is about to be married. She has asked me how she can word on the invitations "no children please" without hurting people's feelings or making them angry. This is her first wedding and she wants everything to be perfect, and is very concerned that with children present there will be cryi... read more
bridal shower etiquette
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Q: My best friend is getting married and I am in the wedding party. Her sister is the maid of honor and my friend informed me that the etiquette says that sisters of brides do NOT plan the bridal shower; she said it is the bridesmaids’ responsibilities/jobs. My best friend and I are really close so I ... read more

My Three Dads

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bride with two dads down aisle
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Q: My 3rd husband of 18 years, who is also the stepfather of my 28 year old daughter since she was 9 years old, has been told he can't wear a tuxedo at her wedding. Her biological father is out of the picture and my daughter was adopted by her current father, my 2nd husband, to whom I was married t... read more
small wedding budget
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Q: My fiancé and I are on a limited budget. The economy has been rough on both of us as well as our families. We both just want a small ceremony. Then, instead of a traditional big, blow-out reception, we thought about inviting those who came to the ceremony to a local restaurant for a meal. H... read more
wedding etiquette
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Q: I am the groom's mother. His father and I have been divorced for 12 years. His father is remarried. For the last 12 years the groom has lived with his father and his grandmother. During rehearsal I was escorted in by my other son, and seated in the second pew. His grandmother was then escorted in b... read more