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children at weddings
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Q: As you know, today’s weddings do often include blending families. My question is how can we include my children in the wedding invitation. I am lucky because everyone is very excited. The children will be included in the wedding and throughout the evening. I just haven't had much luck for wording... read more

Man to Men

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groomsmen blue ties
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Q: What is the proper way in the wedding program to list the best man when there are two? My daughter's fiancé is having two best men. Do we list the heading as Best Man, and then put both names or do we use the title "Best Men?" Thank you. A: Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. As you sus... read more
wedding save the date
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Q: We mailed out our "save the date" notices about a month ago. Last week, our financial situation changed drastically. As a result, we need to cut our list to about 25% of our guests. We have been calling people personally to tell them the news. Thankfully, our friends have been very understand... read more
wedding guest etiquette
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Q: With our daughter's upcoming wedding, the cost of which will be split between us, the groom's parents and the bride (not the groom), how do we decide how many people each side is entitled to invite? Does the bride's family still have the final say on how many guests are invited and how many of those g... read more
wedding seating
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Q: I am the groom's father. His mother and I are divorced and both remarried. Most of the groom's guests are from out of town (family). The reception seating chart has the groom's mother, her husband and two younger children seated with me, my wife and our two younger children. Is this not just ... read more