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{Top Image via Cloud9Bliss} Many couples want to include special details or rituals in their event to honor lost loved ones on their wedding day. There are lots of different ways you can do this and its important to choose an option that will be meaningful to you and your family.  Below we have 8 ideas t... read more
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Over the past year the temporary wedding tattoo trend has grown to include wedding party gifts, favors for guests as well as fun ways to accessorize during weddings and at bachelorette parties!  I always love ideas that have guests interacting and getting involved with the wedding day fun and this is definit... read more
Coming up with gift ideas for your groom, groomsmen, or any guy for that matter, can always be a challenge.  Most couples want to come up with gifts that are somewhat unique or personalized... maybe even something they can use or wear on the wedding day.  Etsy is a great place to look! For today's Etsy E... read more