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As you probably know, I'm a big Etsy fan.  There is an endless amount of eye candy available there.  I'm talking all kinds of handmade goodness!  One of my favorite places to poke through is the engagement ring section. You'll find many diamond rings there but there are also lots of fabulous alternative en... read more

Gold Rush Trend

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Twenty Four karat gold is the most luxurious of colors and the purest form of gold. It is also very soft and rarely will you see it in jewelry. Gold is alloyed with other metals to give it strength which reduces the gold content, making 18k 75% pure gold and 14k 58% pure gold. The color is richer the higher t... read more
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There are lots of different options out there for both style and materials when it comes to wedding bands. Doing a little research before choosing your ring will definitely be of help when deciding which is right for you. We’re very excited to be partnering up with Infinity Tungsten today to fill you in on ... read more