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If you recall from my recent post where I shared some of my favorite bridal statement necklaces, I think they’re fabulous!   The previous pieces I shared were all white or neutral.  Well, would you be surprised if I told you I also love colorful statement necklaces??  Didn’t think so. Maybe you want... read more
I adore statement necklaces in both everyday life and weddings.  They are especially lovely with simple, elegant gowns if you want your look to have an added wow effect.  Today I've pulled together some beautiful bridal statement necklaces.  They range in price from affordable to mucho dinero... so hopeful... read more

Emerald Green With Envy

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Saint Patrick's day might be over but green is still in.  Everything from the popularity of the blockbuster hit Oz: The Great and Powerful and Pantone proclaiming emerald the color of the year to the color popping up in fashion and design everywhere is definitely making people green with envy. Emerald Eng... read more

Promise To Marry

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Love feels like it's in the air everyday in the Spring. It's easy to fall in love during this time when everything is anew. The engagement ring's history has encompassed many different traditions and the ring itself has been considered significant for a number of different reasons.  Many may not know the ... read more
If you enjoy supporting the handmade community, it may be important to you that you do so when it comes to your wedding purchases too!  The boom of handmade marketplaces like Etsy have made it super easy to track down the perfect handmade items for your wedding day.  And the best part?  In most cases you g... read more