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White Bridal Shoes

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With all the bright colored and bold patterned shoes out there, a pair of white heels can be refreshing... especially when it comes to white bridal shoes.  Simple and classic, lacy or modern white bridal shoes will never go out of style. As usual, and in no particular order, here are some of our faves...... read more

Fave Finds: Groom Skinny Ties

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Slender and chic, skinny ties are one of my favorite groom and groomsmen accessories!  Like most ties, skinny ties come in all different colors, patterns and fabrics allowing your groom and his men plenty options for custom ties to coordinate with your wedding event style and colors. Today's post features... read more

Honeymoon Swimwear… For Your Groom!

author , posted in Fashion
We’ve dedicated many of our honeymoon posts to fashion and accessories for the bride… but we can’t forget that the groom will be packing his bags too!  While he may not be as enthusiastic about shopping for honeymoon wear, he still needs it! So today’s post is to help all the grooms out there fi... read more

10 Wedding Dresses Under $1000

author , posted in Fashion
Are you in search of a wedding dress that is beautiful AND budget-friendly?  Do those actually exist?  As a matter of  fact, they do!  And today we've got you covered!!  We've searched high and low for stunning wedding dresses that won't break the bank and have come up with a list of 10 of our favorite... read more
Hats and headwraps are always fun accessories to add to your outfit!  I especially love these easy honeymoon accessories!  Chances are, you're looking to relax on your honeymoon... not spend time deciding on how to accessorize your look!  Today's round-up is filled with some of my favorite items you ca... read more