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Blue Wedding Bouquets

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Today we have more bouquet inspiration coming your way!  We've covered blooms in a few colors in the spectrum already(yellow, hot pink, green, orange and white).  Today blue wedding bouquets are on the agenda.  While less commonly used in bouquets, there is still plenty inspiration out there for arrangemen... read more
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While many couples are going with all kinds of fun color palettes these days, there is still something sweet about classic weddings in white.  Maybe this is your wedding style or maybe you'd prefer one element of your wedding day to be the white highlight.  Either way, white wedding bouquets are always a lo... read more

Orange Bouquets

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In continuing with my color themed bouquet posts, today I have some lovely orange bouquets for inspiration to share with you!  Orange bouquets can be carried in weddings from spring to fall and fit in wonderfully with the season. The bouquets up top and the one below were designed by Huckleberry Karen Des... read more

Green Wedding Bouquets

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Today I have more stunning bouquet inspiration for you!  We're going with a green theme today and have some beautiful green wedding bouquets.  All-green bouquets are not always a popular choice with brides.  After doing a little research, I fell in love with green bouquets!  Many of them could be fitting ... read more
If you're not a fan of pink... hot pink in particular, then shield your eyes please.  Because this post is about to rock your socks off with some fabulous inspiration for hot pink wedding bouquets!!  Ready to get your pink on?... First up, a bright pink bouquet with a few pops of very soft yellow - Desig... read more