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10 Bouquet Toss Songs!

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While many brides are choosing to forgo the Bouquet Toss tradition these days, for those who are on the fence, a fresh and original song for your Bouquet Toss will definitely help amp up the fun. Who says “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper, “Labels or Love” by ... read more

Planning a Dollar Dance

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In certain parts of the country, wedding Dollar Dances are very popular. For those who are not familiar with a Dollar Dance, it's a wedding tradition that is customary in many cultures. The male guests line up to dance with the bride, while the female guests line up to dance with the groom. The guests “pay... read more

What Makes a Good Wedding DJ?

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How would you like David Guetta or DJ Tiesto to handle your wedding? No? But these guys are the best DJs in the world! A wedding DJ is a special breed of DJ. Even with an understanding of that, it can still be challenging to know exactly what you should be looking for. Pulse Entertainment lists the three m... read more