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WedLoft on Instagram!!

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Hey folks!  Just popping in quick with some exciting news... WedLoft is now rocking it on Instagram!  If you're in need of an extra daily dose of wedding inspiration be sure to follow @Wedloft_Blog on Instagram.  We'll be sharing additional wedding photos, pretty details and more.  You can also stay up to... read more
One of the last things you may be thinking about when you shop for wedding venues is how the layout of the space will effect dancing during the reception. There are a few very important tips to keep in mind so you can start creating a successful reception from the get-go. DANCE FLOOR: FRONT + CENTER When ... read more
Ok, so this post may be a little bit of a tease... I'm going to share my experience of buying my wedding dress but, unfortunately, I will not be revealing my dress today.  Sorry!!  You'll have to wait until after the wedding.  Below is a little insight into my search for a wedding dress.  If there are any... read more
If you talk to any engaged or married couple, figuring out a budget for the wedding is one of the most difficult tasks. Determining how much to spend and who will pay for what is tough cookies! Mr. B. and I took quite a while to figure out what we would be comfortable with and how to distribute that total amo... read more