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ben rector
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Happy Friday! I'm happy to share the sounds of Ben Rector for this weekend's playlist!  I've heard his songs playing in the background of a few different wedding videos and thought they were quite fitting and very sweet! What do you think? Would you use any of these songs at your wedding or in your we... read more
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Happy Friday everybody!  Are you ready for the weekend?  I sure am!  Let's start it off with some tunes from Walk off the Earth!  There's a good chance you've seen this band on YouTube playing their wildly popular cover songs - most likely this cover of Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye... I'm al... read more
Happy Friday!  As always, I'm here with a playlist for your weekend.  A little something to fill the silence while you're engrossed in your wedding plans :) Now, if you have not yet heard of this young star, you're in for a treat!  Her name is Birdy.. and she is 15.  FIFTEEN!! At the age of 12 she ... read more
wedding dj turn table
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Happy Friday! I have a fun little playlist to share with you for the weekend! I'm not usually one to flip around during commercials when I'm watching TV. Commercials tend to have good songs in the background! It is certainly not rare for me to run for my phone to Shazam a commercial or hop on the computer a... read more
ray lamontagne wedding songs
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Good morning and happy Friday everyone! The playlist I have for you this weekend is a handful of love songs from Ray LaMontagne. Of course I included "You Are the Best Thing"... a popular wedding favorite.  But there are a few others here that are quite nice too! Also... If you missed any of our posts... read more