DIY wedding invitations
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If you’ve been browsing for ideas for your DIY wedding invitations, chances are you’ve seen examples of fancy, professional looking typography and thought something like, “Nice, but I don’t have fonts like that on my computer”, or “that was probably done using some Adobe program; I only have Word... read more

If you’ve been browsing for ideas for your DIY wedding invitations, chances are you’ve seen examples of fancy, professional looking typography and thought something like, “Nice, but I don’t have fonts like that on my computer”, or “that was probably done using some Adobe program; I only have Word”, or simply, “Can I pull that look off on my own?

If this sounds familiar, good news! Even if you don’t have access to Adobe Creative Suite or a huge font collection; even if you’ve never done anything like this before, you can create professional looking wedding typography using just Microsoft Word.

Yes, in comparison to Creative Suite, Word is undeniably limited, but you may be surprised to learn that there are lots of tools within Word that can be helpful in designing wedding stationery – and at a fraction of the price. So before you run out and buy Creative Suite or throw in the towel, read this tutorial on creating your own banded invitation with polished, elegant typography. In it, I’ll teach you how to use a few of the aforementioned tools,  and throughout my next few tutorials, I’ll be continuing the series of  handy Word tips & tricks, so stay tuned, and let’s get started!

diy wedding invitations using microsoft word
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Here’s What You’ll Need:
Envelopes (European Flap Old World Blanco Matte)
– Invitation: 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 (A7)
– Response: 3 5/8 x 5 1/8 (A4)
Pre-Cut Blank Cards (111lb Old World Blanco Matte)
– Invitation: 5 1/8 x 7 (A7)
– Additional Info & RSVP: 3 1/2 x 4 7/8 (A4)
Patterned Band & Envelope Lining Paper
– 8 1/2 x 11 Japanese Pearlized Paper Double Fan Gray
Scissors or preferred cutting tool for bands and envelope liners
Adhesive of choice for envelope liners

Interested in recreating this invitation as is? Visit the detailed materials list.

Step 1. Download Microsoft Word Printing Templates & Instructions File
Download Templates & Instructions
Here’s what you’ll find in the file:

  • 3 correctly sized templates – invitation, additional info, & response card
  • Instructions for printing custom sized documents with your home printer

Step 2. Customize Templates
The invitation in this tutorial features full justification – this means the invitation text forms a perfectly centered, perfectly aligned, rectangle. As everyone will have different invitation details, the templates are not yet fully justified. So how do you get your cards to look the way they do here?

microsoft word wedding invitations
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You’ll need to take advantage of the following three tools:

  1. Font/font size
  2. Paragraph spacing
  3. Character spacing

Font/Font size
Start by changing the sample wording to your own, and customize with the fonts, sizes, and colors of your choice. The fonts shown on this card are:

  • Gray text – Calibri Headings in small caps – (In Format, Font menu, check small caps option)
  • Blue script – Indenture English Penman – (FREE download at

Paragraph Spacing
Space each line of text so that the top and bottom margins are identical. Do so by highlighting the lines of text you wish to change spacing on, then navigate to the menus, Format, Paragraph, Spacing. Select Multiple Spacing in the Line Spacing drop down menu, and enter the amount of space you want between each line.
Tip: Different styles of fonts will require different amounts of spacing between lines. Script fonts will likely require much less space, where plain text fonts will require more. Play with spacing until the layout of the card looks right to you.

Tutorial for microsoft word wedding invitations
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Character Spacing
Space characters so that the invitation text is centered and forms a perfectly aligned block. Do so by highlighting each line of text individually, then navigating to Format, Font, Advanced (Menu option may differ with your version of Word). Select Expanded and type in the number of points you want each character expanded by.

microsoft word wedding invitations
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Proceed through each line until text is fully justified. Repeat on additional information and response cards.
Tip: For short lines of text, such as event location, you may wish to increase the size of the font rather than adding an excessive amount of space between characters.

Step 3. Print Cards
Using the instructions you downloaded above, print cards.
Note: 111lb card stock was printed using large format Canon ink jet printer.

diy microsoft word wedding invitations
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Step 4. Line Envelopes
Next, line your envelopes with the decorative paper of your choice.
How to Custom Line Your Own Envelopes

diy envelope liners
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Step 5. Cut Paper Bands
Using a paper trimmer or preferred cutting tool, cut four 2 x 11 inch bands from one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

diy wedding invite tutorial
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Step 6. Wrap Ensemble
Wrap the invitation, additional info, and response items in the paper band. Secure in the back with the adhesive of your choice.

create wedding invitations with microsoft Word
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    This is SO COOL! Will definitely share with clients. reply
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    Are there any further updates – as mentioned in this post.

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    Just curious where I can buy the precut paper and envelopes you used for the invites, rsvp cards, etc. I tried looking at Craft Warehouse and didnt find anything like that.

    • Rikesha

      try the site

    • Chelsea

      Can buy pre cut paper and envelopes at Hobby Lobby… I found mine on ebay for cheap. Search Wedding invitation Blank or DYI. Be sure to pay attention to how many.

    • Kerry

      I don’t think that you can buy precut paper for lining envelopes. We are on a half a shoe-string budget, so being creative is necessary.We used scrapbook paper –a black and white antique French print, but a high quality gift wrap would work beautifully. Since our scrapbook paper was 60 cents a sheet and I could only fit two liners on it, my husband ran the paper on the large format printer at his office. He is an engineer, so it came out in large sheets. I took apart an envelope and cut a template from mylar. I found the mylar in the quilting section of my local Hobby Lobby. From there, I traced the template until I had all the lining papers I needed…500!!! My paper cutter wouldn’t work well for the large strips of paper so we cut them all out by hand. We haven’t started lining yet, but they are ready. We will use my paper cutters scoring blade to score the “fold” where the flap will come down. We will also use that adhesive that comes in the small cartridge. I bought several at 40% off at Hobby Lobby. I just saw this post and we are thinking about doing a “belly band” now. I can’t decide yet if we will use the lining paper or a wide ribbon in the wedding accent color, red. BTW, we bought our invitations at a great place, We were able to find 500 classic white cards with the embossed center and matching RSVP cards, all with envelopes and shipping for about $115. Very nice quality. She hasn’t chosen a font yet, but there are many available for free or low cost. We will have them printed at our local Kinkos Office for around $50. A great way to save if you are on a budget.

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    I love this tutorial. I need to figure out where to link to this on my website to give customers ideas. reply
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    I have tried it earlier for making cards with diy. I have great interest in diy making cards and your step by step procedure has helped me in making some Sikh RSVP cards for my clients. reply
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    I need a templet for adults that are getting married that the parents name are not on the invites. Do you have any idea where i can get that from?

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