Wedding Plans
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You might want to remember this secret tip in the future because it works for everything from weddings to small dinner parties. read more

Wedding Plans to Keep Your Guests Surprised

No matter how much time you have to plan your big day, the event is so big you probably could use even more time.  No matter how well you micro-manage every detail, some particulars may be missed.  No matter how much money you have to pay someone else to deal with the problems, not all problems can be sub-contracted away.

Every book on planning a wedding gives advice about how to respond to the unexpected situations which will inevitably arise.  Of course, the first thing to do when “an emergency” occurs (or something planned does not come about as planned) is to keep your cool. Remember the purpose of your event is to be united with the one you love. As long as that happens – the rest is “just gravy”.

One little event planning secret I’d like to share with you must be kept a secret.  You might want to remember this secret tip in the future because it works for everything from weddings to small dinner parties.  What’s the elusive secret advice I give to any host/hostess? Keep your plans a secret.

Wedding Planning

Imagine you’re planning a birthday party for a child.  You want everyone to be there so you tell everyone in the neighborhood there will be cake and clowns.  You even audition several local clowns and find the perfect match for the party.  Keeping the theme going, you find the perfect invitations with a smiling clown face on the cover!  This little reveal will help ensure your child’s party is going to be the best birthday party on the block, and everyone invited is going to be there, right?  Right.

It sounds logical but . . . what if?  What if the clown is sick that day?  Even if you hired a clown who has a back-up plan – what if the back-up plans fail?  Then all the neighborhood children are going to be very disappointed they went to the birthday party and the clown wasn’t there. Days latter some may still be disappointed they didn’t get to see the clown.  All the wonderful things that happened at the birthday party will be overshadowed by the perception of “what might have been”.

Now, what if no one knew the party was supposed to have a clown?  I’ll tell you what happens – the guests all have a great time at a great party.  Sure, behind the scenes, you’re fretting about the failed plans, the failed back-up plans, and how you’re going to keep the kids entertained (how about a game of tag?).  Meanwhile the guests leave thinking the game of tag was “a blast” and the clowns on the invitations “were adorable!”

It’s normal to be excited about planning your wedding – you should be excited about planning such an important event!  You’ll be spending so much time and energy “living and breathing” your wedding plans; it’s natural to want to let everyone know about your preparations.  When you do, just give a status report such as “everything’s on track” or “we’re working through some scheduling problems”, etc.  There’s more to you than the wedding so don’t be obsessive when talking about the planning.

You can’t keep every one of your wedding plans a secret from everyone, nor should you. When things go awry, you’ll need a close friend to lean upon.  Even if they aren’t helping with your back-up plans, your confidant will be able to alleviate some of your frustration just by being able to listen to you.

As for the majority of your guests – let as many elements of your wedding be a surprise as is possible. If everything goes according to plan, they’ll be delighted they were invited and enchanted with your event.  But if something you planned doesn’t happen, or doesn’t workout the way you wanted, rather than feel cheated by the thing they missed – your guests will still be delighted they were invited!

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