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Top 2010 Wedding Trends Over the last 8 years, we at have seen more couples go back to basics. Instead of opulence and grandeur, they are focusing on personalization and attention-to-detail. Couples are now more interested in incorporating custom elements and forging lasting memories. Weddi... read more

Top 2010 Wedding Trends

Over the last 8 years, we at have seen more couples go back to basics. Instead of opulence and grandeur, they are focusing on personalization and attention-to-detail. Couples are now more interested in incorporating custom elements and forging lasting memories. Weddings today are about creating an experience that is unlike any other — one that is unique and memorable.

Appreciation is at the top of every couple’s list. If this economy has taught us anything, it’s the importance of gratitude. With that in mind, couples are finding new and thoughtful ways to thank their guests. Generic favors are a thing of the past. Instead, couples are putting a lot of thought and time into selecting the appropriate way to express their thanks. Locally-grown products such as mini trees, gourds, pumpkins or even roasted pumpkin seeds, customizable options and handmade projects are just a few of the common considerations for the gratitude-conscious couple.

Wedding favors
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Featured Wedding Photography Experts

While we do see the trend of eco-friendly weddings continuing well into 2010, couples are placing a greater emphasis on making green choices that may be less recognizable, such as the incorporation of solar or LED lighting. It’s becoming more about making a difference than making a statement. We are also excited to share the insight of our fabulous WedLoft guest wedding experts regarding what they see as the top wedding trends for 2010.

Charles Maring is principal photographer of Maring Visuals. The Maring team is among the most awarded in the wedding industry with clients that include well known celebrities like Donald and Melania Trump, writer Tom Clancy, talk show hosts Star Jones, Glenn Beck, and celebrity party planner David Tutera to name a few.

  • HD Motion Pictures is Big. Forget everything you think you know about wedding videos. Lucky couples today are taking advantage of new HD motion picture and still photography blend technology that allows them to enjoy and share their wedding day on Facebook and other social media networks, personally on their mobile phones, and in their own home theater. Today’s HD cinema footage makes your wedding look as good as a Hollywood film…
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  • Seeing Each Other Prior to the Ceremony. While tradition crosses everyone’s mind, many couples are choosing to see each other for the first time twice! Meeting up prior to the ceremony allows you to savor the moment, embrace, and knock out the family portraits so you can enjoy the rest of your big day without interruption.
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  • The Party Dress. We are seeing more and more brides opting for a second wedding dress. Lose the heavy train and tradition look for a fun-loving, short, and fashionable dress to dance the night away in comfort and style.
  • The DJ and the Band. Couples are blending the band and DJ mixes together for the best of both worlds… Turn tables with a talent mixer, a percussionist, a Saxophone player, and an electric violin and you’ve got your favorite songs with a twist that creatively entertains.
  • Four Season Guest Books. Many couples are creating guest books with engagement photographs so there is a real reason to hold onto the signatures and special wishes. Take it a step further and have portraits taken in each season for a book that will have everyone talking at the wedding.

Featured Wedding Invitation Designer Experts

Karen Bartolomei, celebrity invitation designer, has created signature designs that have graced the pages of every major bridal publication including In Style Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings. Included in Karen’s list of top trends is the continuation of DIY and eco-friendly weddings.

  • Metallics Offer Flexibility. Gold, Copper, Platinum and Silver combinations…they can feel regal, ethereal, subtle, organic, industrial or chic depending on the design and shades used.
  • The Color Purple is Still Hot. In any shade; plum, lavender, eggplant, grape, or violet. Use small splashes here and there, total saturation, or tone on tone combinations.
  • Die Cut Shapes and Interesting Edges Add Visual Interest. A fresh alternative to simple squares and rectangles.
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  • Laser-Cut Designs Break Out of the Box. Lace, vines frames, etc. – as wraps, pockets, belly bands, tags and more.
  • Printing on Eco-friendly Wedding Paper is a Movement. Try and join the effort to save Sri Lankan Elephants with non-tree, 100% handcrafted, 100% recycled, 75% dung and 100% fun!
  • DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Paper Designs for the Crafty Bride. – Brides are cutting costs and adding their personal stamp on all paperie by doing the projects themselves! For more fabulous ideas for your wedding and entertaining at home as a couple, pick up a copy of “Paperie for Inspired Living” by Karen Bartolomei.

Featured Wedding Planning Experts

Linnea Tangorra is the owner of Tangorra Wedding Planning, which has been voted the top wedding planner in the Greater Boston area by CBS 4 Boston A-List and is one of The Knot Picks for 2007, 2008 and 2009. Linnea is seeing couples take notice of the transforming qualities and customization options wedding lighting allows them.

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  • Lighting is in the Limelight. The world of lighting options has increased rapidly this year and will continue to do so. Companies such as Boston Uplights and Suzanne B Lowell have come up with unique new ways of transforming spaces for any budget. Couples are beginning to see the importance of lighting a space.
  • The Cocktail Hour has Arrived. Couples are choosing to not only extend the length of cocktail hour but to make it a more important part of their wedding. They have been focusing more on the food, decor and music for this hour and choosing to cut back on photos to join in.
  • Couples are Sneaking a Peak. I’ve noticed more and more that couples are opting to see each other before the ceremony. This allows the couple to have a longer wedding day, to attend their own cocktail hour, and for some, take pressure off of that walk down the aisle.
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  • China Gets an Upgrade. Many couples are choosing to upgrade their china. I have noticed that brides are paying more attention to smaller details and are opting for china that reflects their decor or time of year.
  • Favors Have Flair. We’ve been seeing the traditional wedding favor decrease and more unique ideas brought out – custom cookies, candy stations and dessert buffets and have replaced the traditional chocolates or Jordan almonds.

Featured Wedding Music Experts

Greg Hodges is the owner and lead DJ of 5 Star Events, a Boston-based Disc Jockey company that has been recognized as Boston’s Best Wedding Disc Jockey. Greg suggests that tradition is back, but the bride and groom are more in charge than ever before — mom is no longer calling the shots!

  • Something Borrowed is Back. I’m seeing more & more couples borrowing from wedding traditions that have all but gone away. The cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss & changing into a “going-away” outfit all seem to be coming back in fashion.
Wedding Monogram
  • Specialty Lighting Transforms in Style. I’ve been seeing a recent rise in demand for specialty event lighting at weddings. Projected monograms, LED uplighting, Chinese lanterns, and centerpiece pin spotting are all being used to make one reception stand apart from the rest.
  • On Location Wedding Ceremonies are More Attractive. At one time, the on site ceremony was the exception, not the rule. Now, more and more venues are making their space more attractive by offering options for wedding ceremonies. Over 15 years, I would say that my percentage of on site weddings has jumped from 10% to 50% or more.
  • Bride’s Mom No Longer the Boss? Back in the day, my initial sales & planning meetings usually included the bride, her mom, the groom and often other family members. And it was often the case that the bride’s mom was the one to answer to as she was often footing the bill. In today’s wedding, it seems that rarely is anyone other than the bride and groom involved in making the decisions. That may be because they are now more often than not paying the expenses.
  • Line Dances are Out. For the most part, line-dances like the Electric Slide, Chicken Dance, Conga line & the Macarena have been banished from wedding play lists everywhere. I’ve even been asked on occasion to omit any song that may have a known dance move associated with it. With that being said, there have been a couple of group dances that have gained favor with wedding dancers. These include the Cha Cha Slide & more recently the Cupid Shuffle. I’m sure it won’t be long before these find themselves staples on the “Do Not Play” list.

Featured Wedding Etiquette Expert

Jodi Smith of is an etiquette advocate. Jodi has been seen on the NBC Today Show, Good Morning America and on the CBS Early Show. She has also been quoted in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

  • Means Match the Message. Wedding couples have gained a greater understanding of how to use the multitude of communication options available to them these days. Websites for ongoing communication; electronic invitations for casual gatherings and classic cotton content invitations for formal affairs.
  • A Turn to Traditions. To differentiate and bring depth to their weddings, couples are researching their religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds to add meaningful customs to their special day.
  • Bridezillas are Banished. While wedding days are still stellar events, couples realize they did not arrive singly to their ceremonies. Wedding couples are including and honoring all those who helped to bring them to their special days.
  • Realistic Registries are Making a Comeback. Engaged couples are taking the time to consider their lives past the first few years of marriage. Beautiful linens, china, crystal, serving platters and other long lasting implements are outpacing technology.
  • A Return to Gracious and Grateful. Newlyweds nowadays know it is a manners myth that they have a year to write their thank you notes and are getting their thank you notes signed, sealed and delivered six weeks from their wedding date.

Budget-consciousness, customization and eco-friendliness were the important considerations of 2009. 2010 is about going back to basics, personalization and the backyard wedding.

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