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A wedding cake says a lot about a couple. Wedding cakes today come in all shapes and sizes!  Some are very traditional - all white with a simple design. Others are brightly colored with intricate designs. It really depends on the couple's taste and the style of the wedding. A very popular option for t... read more
wedding milk and cookies
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When you hear the words milk and cookies, you instantly think of all things comforting, loving, and supportive.  Am I right? Milk and cookies are the ultimate comfort food ... what you ate as a child when your grandparents wanted to give you a special treat or what young children leave out for Santa on C... read more
balloon engagement session
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Having re-watched the movie "UP!" recently (my top two hankie movie), I suddenly felt inspired by balloons. There is something about these floaty, bouncy objects that seems to fill people with instant child-like wonder. It made me interested in how these colorful lovelies may have floated into the wedding... read more
steampunk weddings
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While Steampunk isn't a new trend per se, it never has been more popular or chic. Steampunk is, in simplest terms, a Victorian Sci-fi world in which steam power is key and inventions - like flying machines - are just being imagined. And if they were created, they would be riddled with metal steam pipes and ge... read more
Hanging Wedding Decorations
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I absolutely love and adore simple ideas, especially for weddings. Any design idea can make a large impact on a wedding, just remember one thing: Go Big or Go Home. This concept is very simple. Once you have a specific design element for you wedding, add it to different parts of your day.  For our example, w... read more