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wedding garters
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Natalie Briggs is one of our favorite vendors when it comes to bridal accessories.  She specializes in gorgeous, handmade garters. From glamorous embellishments to incorporating a touch of something blue, Natalie has garters fit for any bride! Learn more about Natalie below... What inspired yo... read more
Handmade wedding accessories
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Accessories are a key component of your overall look on your wedding day. And working with a wonderful vendor to create a custom look is always special. One of our favorite vendors that creates beautiful bridal jewelry and accessories is Handmade by Sara Kim.  She offers a variety of ready-made bridal pieces... read more
vintage bridcage veil
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Catering to vintage brides, Tessa Kim designs gorgeous handmade bridal accessories.  How did she get started and what is Tessa Kim all about?  Get to know her below ... What inspired you to start your business? I was inspired to start my business when I was trying to find the perfect budget friendly... read more