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Catherine Nicole Jewelry: Bridal Designs

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Catherine Nicole is a wonderful bridal jewelry designer who provides brides and bridesmaids with striking jewelry for their wedding day and wedding events. Her bridal line has an elegant and classic style that has been very popular with modern brides.  She also has a wide variety of jewelry outside of her br... read more

Creme De Luxe: Bridal Jewelry

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We love Creme De Luxe by Amy's Bridal Accessories!  Amy has created beautiful, romantic bridal jewelry and accessory lines that we just adore. While she offers stunning items on her website, she is also constantly working with brides to create custom looks for their wedding day. Learn more about Amy and ... read more

Sheer Addiction: Jewelry

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If you’re looking for vintage inspired, one-of-a-kind jewelry to wear on your wedding day Sheer Addiction is where to find it!  Our vendor interview today is with the the designer of these unique pieces, Tamara Schafhauser.  Tamara finds all kinds of unusual elements from all over to pull into her designs... read more