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There are SO many different styles of cake toppers available for weddings today.  Many of which can be customized just for you!  Here are some of my current favorites.  First up are custom toppers for those of you who you like to buy!... Bride & Groom Bicycle Topper Mini Poms Cake Topper ... read more
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Cupcakes on their own are pretty darn cute.  But add an adorable topper to them and they are down-right delightful!! Today I have a very easy tutorial for handmade cupcake toppers.  You can make these in bulk for a large event like a wedding or bridal shower. Or, you can make just a few and add them to your... read more
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Cake toppers are a really fun detail to customize for your wedding! You can choose something simple, silly or theme related. From words and monograms or a bride and groom to animals or fun designs... just about anything can be used as a cake topper. Below I've rounded up some inspiration for you! There are ev... read more
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One thing to consider when planning your wedding is that guests can easily get distracted because, of course, the wedding isn’t about them. It’s as simple as that.  An easy way to give your guests some entertainment for the evening is to include details in your day that will give them something to sm... read more