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floral wedding cake
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When it comes to wedding cakes, I'm a big fan of a very simple tiered cake with floral detailing. Whether the cake is all white or filled with pops of color, this style wedding cake is just beautiful. Below are some of my favorites ... ... read more
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I know what you're thinking...."Wow, Stacy has stooped to an all-time low on this one! Jello-O shots for a wedding...PUH-LEASE!" Well, what if I told you that Martha Stewart Weddings has recognized "upscale jelly shots", formerly known as plain ol' Jell-O shots, as one of the hottest wedding trends right no... read more
wedding milk and cookies
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When you hear the words milk and cookies, you instantly think of all things comforting, loving, and supportive.  Am I right? Milk and cookies are the ultimate comfort food ... what you ate as a child when your grandparents wanted to give you a special treat or what young children leave out for Santa on C... read more
wedding ice cream bar
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Weddings are so much fun! They are full of family and friends and joyous times. It seems impossible to find a way to make them more entertaining. Never fear, ice cream is here to save you! Having an ice cream social at your wedding is a fun and delicious way to entertain your guests. An ice cream buffet c... read more

Darling Donuts

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alternative wedding desserts
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Donuts have always been my favorite sweet treat and when I saw these photos of these absolutely darling donuts at wedding receptions, I just had to share them with you... You can't deny that these cake donuts dusted with sugar, perched on top of these after dinner coffee shooters are just absolutel... read more