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Ice Cream vs. Sorbet... the age old question.  Ice Cream appears to have won this overwhelming debate recently, but we should all give sorbet a second thought! Sorbet refreshers at a wedding reception seem to have been forgotten lately. As a guest at a wedding, offered a sweet sorbet by the bride and ... read more

Cake Pops!

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wedding cake pops
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I am loving this new trend of cake pops at weddings! Cake pops are a wonderful addition to a wedding. They can replace or make a great addition to the candy buffet and also make wonderful wedding favors! If you don’t know what cake pops are, they are a bite size piece of cake on a stick... just like ... read more
snow cone weddings
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So many brides and grooms are coming up with new ideas in place of a candy buffet. One idea, which is fantastic for a summer wedding, is to have is a snow cone buffet. Many couples have been there and done that with the candy buffet and ice cream buffets are also becoming more popular. But a snow cone station... read more
funky wedding cakes
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Tired of the same 'ole white wedding cake?  Maybe you want something that shows off you and your future spouse's creativity or uniqueness.  Why not express yourself with your wedding cake? Don’t be afraid to do something that fits your personality, after all it’s your day and as long as you lov... read more
ruffle wedding cake
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Have you ever seen a wedding cake made with ruffles?? Not real ruffles made out of fabric (that wouldn't taste too good biting into!) but made with an icing technique that mimics ruffles. The ruffles really dress the cake up and give it a nontraditional beauty! Check out some of these gorgeous cakes: ... read more