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candy buffet ideas
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Ideas for a Creative Wedding Reception Candy Buffet Who doesn't LOVE a good buffet? I'm not talking about beef tips and chicken ... I'm talking about the sugary goodness that is candy! Candy buffets have hit the wedding industry with a surge comparable to a bull in a china shop: they are popping up all ov... read more
Candy Buffet Wedding Favor
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Anyone that knows me really well can tell you that I have two major obsessions in life..SHOES and CANDY! Having probably consumed more sugar than that of a small nation over the years, I consider myself a true candy connoisseur. So, when candy buffets started to become popular a few years ago ... I was, of co... read more
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Wedding Cupcakes as an Alternative While traditional wedding cakes are still found at many weddings today, more recently, I’ve found the trend to be shifting towards the world of cupcakes. They’re cute, fun and can also, depending on venue, help with those cake cutting fees! Cupcakes have beco... read more