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gloriosa lilies wedding
Photo Credit: Kio Kreations Pin It
Gloriosa Lilies are a unique, textural flower that come in 3 colors and are available year-round. They are a bit more expensive than other flowers, but can add the perfect texture to your  bouquets and centerpieces ... and are anything but ordinary. Some tips for incorporating Gloriosa Lilies into your weddi... read more
bright wedding bouquets
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Nerine Lilies are fun, not-too-famous flowers that comes in hot pink, light pink and white and look awesome in a bouquet or centerpiece. I'm simply nuts about them! They have a one-of-a-kind texture and the pink varieties are always available. The white variety has less availability but is just as gorgeous! A... read more
red and yellow wedding flowers
Pin Cushion Proteas are one of the coolest, most trendy flowers out there! They come in yellow, orange and salmon tones ... but what they lack in color choices, they make up for in texture and then some!!! Are you bold enough to add protea to your wedding flowers? Maybe this inspiration will help ease you in... read more
candle floral centerpieces
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Centerpieces are the focal point of your wedding reception tables, the item on the table that you can guarantee every guest will look at at least a few times during the reception.  Why not give them something amazing and extremely creative to gawk over?  Centerpieces also serve as great conversation pieces.... read more
pink white wedding flowers
Photo Credit: Amanda Hein Photography | Flowers by Kio Kreations Pin It
Well, maybe my title isn't exactly true...I mean, only a few of these details are actually edible! But the rest are delicious eye candy for sure! I am in love with dahlias ... and think you should be too! They have a beautiful texture, they have a large, full head, they come in a variety of colors and shap... read more