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fern wedding flowers
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You might have seen little brown curls inside bouquets, centerpieces and accenting boutonnieres and wondered what they are. They are known by either of two names: Fiddlehead Fern Curls or Monkey Tail. They are, in fact, a fresh item that is actually considered to be a dark dark burgundy color but basic... read more
white wedding flowers
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I love Anemones...they are bold and unique and can really pop in a floral arrangement. While the black and white anemones are probably the most popular of the bunch, the red, pink, lavender, magenta, violet, and purple ones are popping up more and more at weddings these days. Before you fall in love with Anem... read more
Unique wedding bouquets
In my opinion, pods don't get enough play in weddings! They are so diverse in size and feel that they really should be used more often. Some of my favorite pods include poppy pods (dried and fresh), scabiosa pods, and lotus pods (dried and fresh). Photo Credit: Modern Day Floral Here are some fabulous ... read more
wedding flowers
I know what you're thinking--what is cockscomb and why did I just giggle?! Well, its not anything dirty, in fact, its actually a really pretty flower also known as "Brain Celosia" and its the perfect addition to bouquets and centerpieces. Cockscomb is available January-February, and July-October depending whe... read more
wedding reception decor
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I just can't get enough milk ... milk glass that is!  Having been a fan of this vintage glassware for some time, I am excited to see that many brides are incorporating it into their reception decor.  Milk glass adds a touch of whimsy and femininity to any space. Where might you find it?  Milk glass is usu... read more