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Vintage wedding stationery
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I am a huge fan of anything vintage.  I just think there is something very special about an item that may have been loved by someone else in years past.  In fact, many brides are selecting to incorporate vintage items into their wedding day.  I recently came across a fabulous DIY project, from 100layercake... read more
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There are many ways to have a DIY wedding, and one of those ways is to get creative with cork! Cork is such a lovely product, it is versatile in the ways people can use it for household and craft projects, and it is eco friendly. Here are just a few ways that any bride can create DYI projects to make her ... read more
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Chalkboards are fun and very inexpensive details that are perfect for casual weddings! If you are planning such a wedding, think about using chalkboards throughout the day. You can use them in a number of different ways - in everything from details to decorations! Here are some ideas for using chalkboard... read more