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mashed potato martini
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I'm actually not talking about a cocktail here...I'm talking about a mashed potato martini bar.  Now this is a wedding trend I can really sink my teeth into...literally!  Mashed potatoes can serve as more than just a tasty side dish. You can create the ultimate comfort food buffet by offering guests an arra... read more
DIY moss monogram
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I absolutely adore moss-covered letters for weddings! They are just so festive and special to look at. Moss covered letters can easily work for any wedding event, you can easily spell out the couples last name, do their initials or do something out of the ordinary, like the ampersand symbol. The possibilities... read more
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I know what you're thinking...."Wow, Stacy has stooped to an all-time low on this one! Jello-O shots for a wedding...PUH-LEASE!" Well, what if I told you that Martha Stewart Weddings has recognized "upscale jelly shots", formerly known as plain ol' Jell-O shots, as one of the hottest wedding trends right no... read more
floral wedding wreath
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One of my current obsessions is wedding wreaths. There are so many fun ones out there to decorate the doors to the venue or the bride & groom's chairs--I just had to collect a bunch of my favorites and share them with the world...and *bonus* some even come with their very own DIY Instructions! Fresh ... read more
birds nest wedding
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I think birds' nests make a super sweet motif for a wedding.  Nests can represent that cozy new home you are creating as a married couple.  As you might imagine, there are also countless ways to incorporate nests into your wedding day... from invitations, favors, jewelry, ring pillows, boutonnieres, decorat... read more