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photobooth mustache
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Have you ever been to a wedding with a photo booth in it? Photo booths are a fun way for guests to get involved in the wedding and take goofy pictures of themselves. It is also a great way for both you and your guests to remember your day. If it isn't in your budget to rent an actual photo booth, you can c... read more
lemonade stand
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If you want a vintage feel for your wedding, you might want to think about including a lemonade stand! Lemonade stands are always fun and festive for warm weather or outdoor events. It is definitely something that guests, young or old, will enjoy. Think about having a lemonade stand for summer weddings... read more
custom soda bottle
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What better way to add a personal touch than to have your own custom label on bottles of soda for your wedding day? Jones Soda out of Seattle, WA will put your custom designed label on their unique flavored sodas.  Flavors like: Black Cherry, Vanilla, Pomegranate and Root Beer.  Be warned the sodas a... read more
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It seems funny to plan your entire wedding using a fruit as the inspiration. However, since the watermelon is a colorful and cute fruit, I can understand it. Summer is the perfect time or a watermelon themed wedding. To start, think about the colors. Pink and green easily work for a watermelon theme... read more
unique wedding invitations
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Brides and Grooms love unique invitations nowadays, especially the unconventional kind. I love to find new and creative invites. Wedding invitations are one of the key factors in setting the tone of a wedding. Is your wedding going to be traditional, with a white formal invitation held together with a pin... read more