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Photo Source • A Creative Mint Pin It
The perfect accessory for a DIY bride, washi tape can be used in all kinds of wedding projects!  If you're looking for a playful element to add to your wedding day, washi tape is certainly an option!  It comes in all kinds of bright colors and fun patterns. Here are 10 ways to use washi tape for your wed... read more
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I have a confession.  I am a total simpleton.  Therefore, I am really easily amused...and can usually find something fun in just about anything.  Today, I am finding much joy in paper...yes, paper.  But, this is not your everyday paper kids...this is paper that actually grows! Say WHAT?!  I am talking ab... read more
Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
You may have noticed from reading my posts that I adore things that are cute, playful, sweet. etc. Well, pinwheels are certainly no exception to that rule. They make just just as happy as polka dots and powdered sugar! Pinwheel decor is a cute and playful way to dress up your wedding event. They are sweet lit... read more
colorful wedding inspiration
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Today we have a gorgeous wedding shoot sent to us by Jennifer at Perfect Wedding Planning + Events! Jennifer worked with a group of wonderful vendors to pull together this colorful shoot with beautiful, Indian inspired wedding decor. Here is a peek at their design... ... read more
wedding ring dish
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Some couples today are choosing to use ring dishes rather than a ring pillow in their ceremony. Even if you're not planning to use one during your ceremony, they can make an adorable little wedding gift or keepsake.  Below is some inspiration for those of you who would rather buy... and a tutorial for those ... read more