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wedding chair signs
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One wedding detail that is often overlooked during the planning process is the chairs.  You can choose to dress up the chairs at your ceremony, the bride and groom chairs at the reception or all the chairs at the reception... It may seem like a minor detail but what your chairs wear can actually have a major... read more
signature wedding cocktails
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While looking through some of the wedding inspiration that I've held onto over time, I ran across this lovely photo shoot at Green Wedding Shoes and could not get enough of the sweet, southern inspired Hint of Mint Bar. To say that this photo shoot is cute is an understatement... it is absolutely gorge... read more
diy candles
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Candles are commonly used in weddings.  Whether used for lighting, table decor or favors... they are a detail that can easily fit in with your wedding plans. Candles and candle holders are also a fun project to DIY! Below are some candle tutorials that can be customized for your wedding day. Enjoy! DIY Ca... read more
pinwheel wedding decor
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I love creative DIY projects for weddings! I believe any way to save a dollar when planning a wedding is a good thing. That is why I am in love with the fact that pinwheels are now in style for party décor. Pinwheels are easy to make and are fun to play with. If you make 100 pinwheels ... you have yourself a... read more
bride groom cake topper
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Cake toppers are a really fun detail to customize for your wedding! You can choose something simple, silly or theme related. From words and monograms or a bride and groom to animals or fun designs... just about anything can be used as a cake topper. Below I've rounded up some inspiration for you! There are ev... read more