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diy wedding gifts
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Today, we're featuring a DIY wedding invitation ornament project!  In today's economy, we're all looking for ways to give meaningful, holiday gifts....without breaking the bank. If you're like me, your holiday gift list seems to be getting longer and longer every year.  And if you're planning a wedding, you... read more
DIY moss monogram
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I absolutely adore moss-covered letters for weddings! They are just so festive and special to look at. Moss covered letters can easily work for any wedding event, you can easily spell out the couples last name, do their initials or do something out of the ordinary, like the ampersand symbol. The possibilities... read more
Photo credit: Red Box Weddings
Photo credit: Red Box Weddings Pin It
It’s all the small details that set one wedding apart from the rest. One detail that most brides over look are her shoes! No, I do not mean buying the perfect shoes. I mean decorating the perfect shoes! Brides are personalizing their shoes by decorating the bottom of their soles with drawings, written m... read more
yellow orange wedding details
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Yellow is a great color for Fall weddings. Whether you go with a mustard yellow, a pale yellow or a more yellow-orange hue, it is a lovely way to add colorful accents to your Autumn affair. Since citrine is a November birthstone, today I have pulled together a group of yellow wedding details for some Etsy... read more
here comes the bride sign
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We've had our eye on Morgan Hill Designs for a while now and can't get enough of the beautiful rustic details and decor that can be used in all areas of your wedding! The shop is filled with lovely customizable items as well as DIY supplies for couples looking to put their own spin on their wedding details. F... read more