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custom bridal hangers
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var noskimwords = 'true'; Any small wedding detail that is customized just makes your wedding day that much more personal and unique. One detail that is becoming more and more popular to customize is the hanger for your wedding dress. offers couples the option to have a custom name or w... read more
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Looking for some fun ideas for your wedding centerpieces? I've pulled together some very easy and really cute DIY vase projects that would make adorable, unique wedding centerpieces. All of the vases here are easy to make and are great projects for all levels ... even beginner DIY brides! Follow these tutoria... read more
birds nest wedding
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I think birds' nests make a super sweet motif for a wedding.  Nests can represent that cozy new home you are creating as a married couple.  As you might imagine, there are also countless ways to incorporate nests into your wedding day... from invitations, favors, jewelry, ring pillows, boutonnieres, decorat... read more

Tying It All Together

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pink wedding bouquet
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I happen to love velvet ribbon. I can’t explain it. It just appeals to me. Velvet is luxurious, expensive and festive.  In a search to find a way tie velvet ribbon into wedding décor, I decided on tying ribbon to your wedding bouquet! Velvet makes such a lovely final touch to a bouquet. It’s a wedding a... read more
blue lace wedding dress
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I love lace at weddings! Lace is a classic and traditional accent to a wedding. Many brides share this love for their own wedding. However, some brides feel that lace is not contemporary enough to their modern wedding. Here’s a tip: a little blue goes a long way. Think about using blue colored lace at yo... read more