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15 DIY Planters Tutorials

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Summer is here and that means it is time for lovely gardens and plants!  Maybe you've already started with your plants and just want to add some fun touches or maybe you're someone who needs a little inspiration to get going.  Either way, you're going to love these ideas for DIY planters! You can use... read more
DIY projects are becoming more and more popular... especially for weddings.  Wedding projects are no longer reserved for just "crafty" brides.  Couples everywhere are jumping in a making details for their wedding day.  This past year we shared a whole bunch of wonderful DIY posts with you and they are all ... read more
Photo Source • JoPhoto Pin It
Today we have a little DIY treat for you!  Shanna from Ruffles and Rouge and Kathleen from JoPhoto created a tutorial for simple and easy DIY Paper Flowers! Materials Scissors Cardstock Paper Glue gun Glitter Directions 1. First, begin by cutting a large circle out of your cardstock.  Yo... read more
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Ring plates are a fun alternative if you're looking for your ring bearer to carry something other than a pillow.  They are also a sweet little item that you can save as a keepsake from your wedding day.  Below is a tutorial for making very simple DIY wedding ring plates from salt dough.  These can be made... read more
Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
Customization is key when planning your wedding.  DIY signs are a great way to add fun, handmade and (most importantly) custom details to your decor.  There are many different kinds of signs you could DIY.  Today I have an easy tutorial for creating signs with words made from pipe cleaners! Materials P... read more