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DIY Wall Hangings

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Photo Source • Brit & Co. Pin It
Handmade wall hangings make great statement pieces as both home and event decor.  I've come across some really wonderful DIY wall hangings lately that are easy to make and could be used to dress up your walls at home or to use a backdrop at your ceremony or reception! There is such a variety of styles an... read more
Photo Source • Wonder Forest Pin It
Flowers, flowers everywhere!  Today's DIY roundup includes some easy-peasy tutorials for making your own faux flower accessories!  These sweet floral accessories are perfect for summer! These are all projects that ANYONE can do!  Some flowers from the craft store, a little glue and you're golden!  Don'... read more
Photo Source • JoPhoto Pin It
Today we have a little DIY treat for you!  Shanna from Ruffles and Rouge and Kathleen from JoPhoto created a tutorial for simple and easy DIY Paper Flowers! Materials Scissors Cardstock Paper Glue gun Glitter Directions 1. First, begin by cutting a large circle out of your cardstock.  Yo... read more
Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
New photos projects are always exciting for me!  I'm constantly snapping photos.  Seriously, with the growing quality of camera phones, who isn't these days?  Even if you're not a pro... isn't it fun to find creative ways to exhibit your photos?  Today I have a tutorial for transferring your photos onto w... read more
Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
You may have noticed from reading my posts that I adore things that are cute, playful, sweet. etc. Well, pinwheels are certainly no exception to that rule. They make just just as happy as polka dots and powdered sugar! Pinwheel decor is a cute and playful way to dress up your wedding event. They are sweet lit... read more