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DIY projects are becoming more and more popular... especially for weddings.  Wedding projects are no longer reserved for just "crafty" brides.  Couples everywhere are jumping in a making details for their wedding day.  This past year we shared a whole bunch of wonderful DIY posts with you and they are all ... read more
Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
You may have noticed from reading my posts that I adore things that are cute, playful, sweet. etc. Well, pinwheels are certainly no exception to that rule. They make just just as happy as polka dots and powdered sugar! Pinwheel decor is a cute and playful way to dress up your wedding event. They are sweet lit... read more

Fabric Flowers

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Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
There are many different ways to make fabric flowers. Today I have a tutorial for you with my favorite style. In my opinion, this is one of the easiest ways to make beautiful little fabric flowers that can be used in an endless number of ways. You only need a few materials and very basic sewing skills. Mat... read more