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Clothespin Cake Toppers!

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wedding cake toppers
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Clothespin Cake toppers have been a popular choice for many brides and grooms lately. They are adorable and would fit in with any playful wedding theme. These cake toppers can be custom made to resemble the bride and groom and can be dressed in wedding attire or created in a way that represents the couple... read more
DIY wedding
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I just love these delicate Japanese Kusudama paper flowers. They can be used for all sorts of wedding decor, such as lovely accents on your reception tables or bridal shower favors. And you can combine 12 flowers to make a decorative hanging ornament or even your bridal bouquet. ... read more
DIY wedding
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I recently mentioned (here) how I suffer from the make-it-myself-mindset .. wanting make every item that I fall for in stores rather than just buying it. My problem is this ... I see it. Check. I love it. Check. I want to make it. Check, check! Sometimes, I even buy or collect the supplies ... Ok, check. I... read more
DIY Wedding
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Once engaged, many of the crafty people out there jump right into diy mode ... Yipee! I’m getting married! I will make EVERYTHING for my wedding!!! I understand how easy it is to fall into the make-it-myself-mindset. I often suffer from this in everyday life - Oooh, I love that! I want it! Should I bu... read more
DIY wedding project
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I love outdoor and backyard weddings!  I recently came across a perfect DIY project for such an occasion that I had to share with you!  I saw a post for DIY tin can centerpiece vases over on These are so cute ... and very simple to make! Just add some pretty paper and ribbon to every... read more