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DIY Stationery

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Photo Credit:  The Salty Peanut
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Are you a bride on a budget looking to save some serious cash on thank you cards? What about giving each of your bridesmaids a personalized set of monogrammed stationery or note cards? Besides being cheap, making your own note cards is easy and the results are beautiful. You can make them as modern or as... read more
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Bubble Bath from Pin It
If you're a DIY bride who is looking for great wedding ideas, look no further! I've created a list of links to some of my very favorite wedding DIY projects, most of which include "how to" instructions and/or design templates. I originally tried to keep the list to my top 50 wedding DIYs, but just couldn't... read more
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DIY Wedding Craft Ideas For those of you who are crafty with needle and thread, why not incorporate your craft into your wedding!? I have recently started sewing and have come to love crafty sewing projects and fun fabrics. There are so many projects and hand sewn items out there that would be perfect to i... read more
Wedding Mason Jars
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DIY Bride- Ideas to Create a Rustic Wedding Using Mason Jars When I saw these numbered mason jars on Pottery Barn’s website, I was instantly inspired to dedicate this post to the beautiful, reusable mason jar – a must for any DIY bride or anyone who wants to add a rustic or whimsical feel to their weddin... read more
Photo Credit:, Account: ekd7755
Photo Credit:, Account: ekd7755 Pin It
I love the approach this bride took to create a country-inspired wedding. Unique ideas and personal touches make a wedding special and this crafty bride went out of her way to step out-of-the-box. She creatively embellished mini dressers that she found at Michael's craft store and featured them as her centerp... read more