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clothespin escort cards
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Most brides and grooms chose to assign their guests to tables to avoid seating issues.  But how do you tell your guests what table they should go to?  Escort cards!  These useful cards escort your guests to their assigned table.  In lieu of just a table full of boring little white cards, here are some cre... read more
beach themed escort cards
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Do you know the difference between an escort card and a place card?  I'll admit ... I always confuse the two.  Here's a quick refresher for everyone, including me.  Escort cards are used to “escort” your guests to a particular table, as opposed to place cards, which assign your guests a particular se... read more
wedding place cards
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Place cards.  What is the point of a place card and are they REALLY necessary?  I love place cards!  Actually, most venues prefer them as they not only save a guest's seat but they designate what the guest would like to eat.  Place cards can also let guests know which table they should sit at if a seating... read more
Escort Card Plants
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There are many ways to get creative and show your personality with your wedding details.  One small detail that can be a huge hit with your guests is your choice of escort cards.  There are SO many great escort card ideas out there that range from elegant to playful to simple and sweet.  You can find plent... read more