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Wedding Mason Jars
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DIY Bride- Ideas to Create a Rustic Wedding Using Mason Jars When I saw these numbered mason jars on Pottery Barn’s website, I was instantly inspired to dedicate this post to the beautiful, reusable mason jar – a must for any DIY bride or anyone who wants to add a rustic or whimsical feel to their weddin... read more
candy buffet ideas
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Ideas for a Creative Wedding Reception Candy Buffet Who doesn't LOVE a good buffet? I'm not talking about beef tips and chicken ... I'm talking about the sugary goodness that is candy! Candy buffets have hit the wedding industry with a surge comparable to a bull in a china shop: they are popping up all ov... read more
Wedding Favor Donation
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Try Creating Unique Wedding Favors Have you ever received a wedding favor that you had no idea what to do with? While it is a little known fact that wedding favors are not mandatory, why not give your guests something that they won't put away into their ‘wedding favors for which I cannot find any practical... read more
Candy Buffet Wedding Favor
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Anyone that knows me really well can tell you that I have two major obsessions in life..SHOES and CANDY! Having probably consumed more sugar than that of a small nation over the years, I consider myself a true candy connoisseur. So, when candy buffets started to become popular a few years ago ... I was, of co... read more
Wedding Favors
DIY Wedding Favors with a Personalized Touch Do I have a life? Yes. Did this take an obscene amount of time? Yes. Did my entire basement/living room/man-room/man cave magically turn into a craft hut? Yes. Did it look like Michaels and Hobby Lobby exploded all over my house for 6 months? Oh yes. Wou... read more