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Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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{Image via Pretty Little Papers} Typically described as a formal or informal meal following the wedding rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner normally takes place the night before the big ceremony. The rehearsal itself is used as an opportunity for everyone involved in the wedding to meet and practice his or her... read more
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{Image via BeholdDesignz on Etsy} One of the most sensitive subjects that you will tackle while planning your wedding is the guest list. While both the bride and groom may think that they will be able to invite everyone they want to, this is often not a possibility. The choice of who to invite to the your... read more
Congratulations! You’re engaged! Right now is one of the most exciting times you’ll ever experience in your life. It’s a period filled with excitement and wonder, and years from now, it’s a time you’ll look back on fondly, wishing you could relive every moment — even the chaotic ones. Speaking of ... read more

The Invitation Ensemble

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You might think of the wedding invitation as just a single of a piece of paper that provides details of the ceremony. In truth, a wedding initiation is an ensemble of pieces. Understanding the role each plays is critical to making sure you use them correctly. For example, what are the announcements for exactl... read more
What you say on a wedding invitation is just as important as how you say it. The wedding invitation is a guidepost that tells guests facts about your special day. There is a lot of glitz and glamour that goes into the wording, but ultimately, you need to get a few key points across. The day of the ceremony, t... read more