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wedding etiquette
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Q: If I am inviting a family with young children to my wedding, do I put the children’s names with the parent’s name on the outer envelope? Or do I write Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the outer envelope and then on the inner write: Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angela and Michael on the next line? A: The outer ... read more
wedding invitation giveaway
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The fabulous invitation and stationery company Minted is running a giveaway! They are giving away 100 invitation suites to two couples, complete with all of their incredible new stunning embellishments. The contest starts today and closes next Friday, May 21.  Find more details below ... The Minted in... read more
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Invitations!! You’re ready to pick them out, but what to do!? Do you go with traditional? Contemporary? Unique? Tropical? There are so many options out there, but how do you know what invitation is the right fit for you? If you aren’t a crafty individual, your best option is to... read more
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One of the best ideas that I’ve seen for wedding invitations, by far, is to have custom wedding invitations printed on WOOD! This is such a unique idea for wedding invitations that everyone will absolutely love and will surely be remembered! These are wonderful invitations that would be ideal for an eco-fri... read more
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One of the most important aspects of a wedding, to me, is the invitation! It completely sets the mood for the whole wedding. Your invitation is the first thing that your guests will see to have an idea of what your wedding will be like and what they will experience. Trust me! It is very important. Here are... read more