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Lighting is a great way to set the mood for your wedding. I love when couples get creative and use lighting techniques that are rather uncommon. Lights can brighten up your venue or give your event a cozy romantic feel. As you might remember, one of my favorite ways to achieve intimate lighting is by using st... read more
wedding lights
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Lighting can completely transform your wedding venue or outdoor space. With the use of different kinds of lights, colored lighting or specific arrangements of lighting, your event can have a completely different vibe. One of my favorite lighting techniques is a fairly simple one.  Hanging strings of lights.... read more
red wedding lighting
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Don't be afraid of color!  If you opt to not have a splash of color added to your wedding day attire (i.e... bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, etc.),  you can always consider adding color with lighting.  Lighting is a beautiful option that can alter any venue into the wedding affair of your dreams. Side Not... read more

Lighting Matters

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venue lighting
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Lighting can make a huge difference during your wedding and reception.  It is a detail that many leave to the facility manager, but something every bride and groom should consider managing themselves. If you are looking for intimate ambiance during your wedding reception, you may have to utilize more... read more
Dream Wedding
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Create your Dream Wedding Location by Adding Colors There are many ways to transform a space into your dream wedding location. In addition to using your favorite flowers as centerpieces, we suggest upgrading your linens to add more color and texture. And for those couples who want a bolder look, we recomme... read more