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peacock wedding cake
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In my opinion, one of the most beautiful birds in the world is the peacock. Peacocks are regal, colorful and for a bird, pretty stylish. It is no wonder that peacock feathers have become a popular detail for brides to incorporate into their wedding day. Peacock feathers can be easily embraced in every part... read more
Photo Credit: found on forum.daviddicke.com
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Ask any bride what her favorite movie was when she was a little girl. For our generation (and those before) there is a good chance that the movie was ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ To show a little homage to this classic flick, why not consider poppies as your wedding flower? The poppy is a classic flower but... read more
costume wedding
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Many people would not dare to have a costumed themed wedding! Those who do consider it fear they won’t succeed. However, if planned properly, wedding guests will be guaranteed a fun time with a memory that will last forever. Costume weddings are unforgettable! They are fun and definitely unique. When... read more
birds nest wedding
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I think birds' nests make a super sweet motif for a wedding.  Nests can represent that cozy new home you are creating as a married couple.  As you might imagine, there are also countless ways to incorporate nests into your wedding day... from invitations, favors, jewelry, ring pillows, boutonnieres, decorat... read more
Photo Credit: RainbowsFlowerShop via flickr
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Without custom details and unique decor, weddings can seem very similar. This is especially true if you attend a few weddings with the same color scheme, flowers and the same church setting. Think about doing something different ... like adding more green into your wedding celebration! Different types ... read more