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There are many ways to have a budget friendly wedding. One wonderful and inexpensive way is to use the old, classic and vintage Mason jar in your wedding decor. Many of us grew up with Mason jars as a commodity in our grandma’s kitchen pantry. We are used to seeing these lovely jars filled with delightful j... read more
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How many times do we ask to be excused to go to the Ladies Room at a formal event? At least twice, right!? So, why not carry your beautiful reception decor over to the restroom? Here are some unique ideas to help you decorate such an unconventional space... ... read more
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A creative and inexpensive way to add that extra something to your wedding ceremony ... aisle puddling! Aisle Puddling is fabric gathered on the floor that lines your aisle at your ceremony.  It can help add to your rose petals or it can take the place of petals.  Either way, it is a very simple, yet beaut... read more
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In one of my earlier posts I designed a wedding around an inspirational bedroom from West Elm’s website. I had so much fun with that piece, that I decided to do it again – but this time based on a picture of a living room from Broyhill Furniture’s website. In these cold, drag days of winter, I was to... read more
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While planning for the big day, many brides have the belief that couples must be married in a traditional sea of flowers consisting of beautiful blooms such as roses, lilies and peonies. While any bride would be lucky to get married in a ceremony filled with lovely flowers, not all brides are capable of doing... read more