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Photo Credit: RentedElegance.com
Photo Credit: RentedElegance.com Pin It
How many times do we ask to be excused to go to the Ladies Room at a formal event? At least twice, right!? So, why not carry your beautiful reception decor over to the restroom? Here are some unique ideas to help you decorate such an unconventional space... ... read more
Photo Credit: HandMadePaperFlowers.com
Photo Credit: HandMadePaperFlowers.com Pin It
This post is for all of the DIY wedding planners out there. If you’re crafty and are looking for inexpensive wedding decoration ideas that you can easily make on your own ... look not further! Create paper wedding decorations that will save you a bundle. I know, I know ... at the mention of paper weddi... read more
DIY Wedding
DIY Wedding - Wine Stem Decorations What is the one thing that nobody has and if they did, they would always want more of?  WINE STEM CHARMS! This was a very simple and very cheap project to take on as I already had most of the beads. The only thing I had to purchase was the wire from Michaels. There i... read more