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Photo Credit: Inscriber.com.au
Photo Credit: Inscriber.com.au Pin It
Q: I am ready to address my wedding invitations.  Do I put my cousin’s and her boyfriend’s name on the outer envelope? They do not live together, but I want her to know that he is invited. A: Since they do not live together, you would put your cousin’s name on the outer envelope and both their ... read more
Envelope Liners from Smock Letterpress
Envelope Liners from Smock Letterpress Pin It
So after pouring through websites, and books, and magazines, you've finally picked your invitations (and, of course, they're stunning), but maybe you want to give them that "little something extra." Something that will just WOW your guests. Well, the answer may be envelope liners! They're cheap. They're eas... read more