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cherry wedding cake
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Cherries are one of the my favorite things about summer. If you are having your wedding in the summer, think about incorporating one of the season's finest treats with your wedding. This will surely bring a smile to all your guest's faces. Cherries can be used as decoration in your floral arrangements, be... read more
wedding dessert bar
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Today, many brides and grooms are incorporating more of their own personal style into their wedding day.  Many couples feel if they are going to spend thousands of dollars on this day, it should be one that they will enjoy and one that is filled with all things that they enjoy.  So, when I ran across the id... read more
Wedding Books
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Wedding trends these days have brides and grooms trying to find new and creative ideas for their special day. Couples everywhere are trying to step it up, and out do the previous wedding. With each wedding comes a bigger, more expensive celebration. Does ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ ring any we... read more
wedding favors
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I absolutely love practical wedding favors. I mean, really, if you're going to have to buy gifts for 150+ people, wouldn’t you want your wedding guests to use their gift? Practical wedding favors can be a variety of things. For example, hand lotions, picture frames, and wine openers are all gifts that y... read more
Photo Credit: ProjectWedding.com
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Everyone enjoys a little homemade treat! If you love getting creative in the kitchen, why not make yummy favors to send home with your wedding guests? Below are some great ideas for homemade, edible wedding favors. Click on the images to view ingredients and directions. Bread with Jam Potted Ba... read more