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Photo Credit:  Brandi Deziel
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I once read in a magazine that all guests really want is a favor they can eat, and, after a moment of picturing my Great Aunt holding a shot glass with "Bottoms up!  Jay and Renee  July 2010" engraved on it, I realized that that was pretty good advice. I did a web search and quickly found out that ... read more
Peace Love Cookies
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If you are searching for the perfect wedding favor, look no further – I found the most perfect custom cookies a gal could want (well, with the help of my friend, Jess, whose friend Allison is the owner of Peace Love Cookies ... and who was nice enough to send me my own sampling of cookies to taste!) Not... read more
photo credit: Endangered Species Chocolate
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For my wedding, I decided to make small ceramic tiles to give to each guest as a favor. This was no small feat, even with a pottery background and access to a ceramic studio and kiln. Before I decided to take on that crazy project, I found some great ideas for eco-friendly favors like live plants or organic... read more
Wedding Favor Donation
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Try Creating Unique Wedding Favors Have you ever received a wedding favor that you had no idea what to do with? While it is a little known fact that wedding favors are not mandatory, why not give your guests something that they won't put away into their ‘wedding favors for which I cannot find any practical... read more
Photo Credit:  Emporium Concepts
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I recently heard about the wedding of a couple who's lives were tragically touched by breast cancer. The bride, her mother and grandmother were all personally affected by the disease. October is breast cancer awareness month. In doing research for this blog, I was amazed at the amount of breast cancer awar... read more