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vegan wedding food
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Today, so many people are choosing to go Vegetarian or even Vegan. With such an increase of people eating this way, it is certainly something to consider when deciding on the food to serve at your wedding. Here are some great ideas to ensure that those guests also have a delicious item on your reception menu ... read more
wedding french fry bar
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Let it be known right now...I LOVE french fries!  Any and all french fries. I am not proud of it, but at least I can admit it.  So...I was tickled pink to learn that french fry bars are now being featured at many wedding receptions today.  Brilliant!  I mean...who doesn't love a french fry?  Fries are fu... read more
wedding food
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It’s no secret that the months leading up to your wedding are a great time for a bride to take especially good care of herself.  This care can take many forms – hitting the gym, doing a bit of yoga, and making sure to get enough sleep are all great ways to ensure you reach your big day feeling energi... read more