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wedding lights
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Lighting can completely transform your wedding venue or outdoor space. With the use of different kinds of lights, colored lighting or specific arrangements of lighting, your event can have a completely different vibe. One of my favorite lighting techniques is a fairly simple one.¬† Hanging strings of lights.¬... read more
rice crispy wedding cake
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Are you contemplating doing something a little different instead of the traditional wedding cake?  Here are some very creative ideas you can consider... Have you thought about a cake made of rice crispies cereal?  I don't know about you, but I love rice crispie treats and thought of an entire cake ma... read more
beach wedding photos
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No, I'm not talking about the groom running away from the alter screaming because he thinks his life is over if he get's married ... I'm talking about bare feet at beach weddings! ... Honestly, should it be done any other way!?!? There are options for footwear when deciding to go barefoot for yo... read more
wedding theme ideas
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I love the Fly Away With Me theme in this wedding dessert buffet table.  At first glance it is difficult to decipher if what you are looking at is actually edible.  The decor is all so well put together that all the colors flow effortless to form one vision.  Sweets Indeed did such a fabulous job!! ... read more
my fair lady wedding
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Of all the romantic themes I have ever heard of for a wedding, the ‚ÄėMy Fair Lady‚Äô ¬†theme has got to be the most elegant, classic and ardent theme of all.¬† This wedding theme is based off the movie and musical play My Fair Lady, a total classic. The My Fair Lady wedding is an elegant affair ... read more