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Want a unique gift for your bridal party? Why not give them your city (or their city) ... in poster form! There are a bunch of fabulous city-themed posters out there to choose from and OrkPosters, Jennifer Lockwood, Jim Datz and The Heads of State have designed some of my all-time favorites! ... read more
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We saw this idea for a sweet and thoughtful bridesmaid gift over on 100 Layer Cake and just had to share it with our readers. The idea was for a vintage locket with a personal message written inside. It’s a very simple gift to put together ... all you need to do is write a personal note, saying or quote on... read more
Photo Credit: Kellen from EnchantedMama.typepad.com
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One thing that I love about handmade gifts is that they are very personal and very sweet. A handmade gift always has a story to tell and to be remembered.  When giving gifts to the wedding party, think about giving handmade gifts instead of purchased goods from a retail store. A handmade gift shows more ... read more
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Different Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts They've been there to guide your future husband as he prepares for the big day. They're there to stand beside him as he says his vows. They're there to make sure he doesn't break his ankle trying to do a handstand during the bachelor party BBQ. Shouldn't you get your gro... read more
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Unique Gifts Ideas for each Individual Bridesmaid When it came time to show my appreciation for my bridesmaids, I was hard pressed to find something that fit all seven of them. Of course, I considered a piece of jewelry that coordinated with their bridesmaid dresses and my colors and that could be worn on... read more