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Now that the fizz has settled in the champagne glasses and the bouquets have wilted, it is time to reflect on that big day. There is so much planning (some---aka my fiancé--- would say “obsessing”) that goes into the wedding; it only makes sense to consult those who have seen the day come and go. Natura... read more

Now that the fizz has settled in the champagne glasses and the bouquets have wilted, it is time to reflect on that big day. There is so much planning (some—aka my fiancé— would say “obsessing”) that goes into the wedding; it only makes sense to consult those who have seen the day come and go. Naturally, every bride has her own priorities in a wedding. Each couple is unique and holds different attributes more special. So, when I began to research “bridal regrets” I anticipated very different answers. Surprisingly, the responses were extremely similar. Although this blog is titled the Top 10 Regrets, the top 3 reasons were heard loudly and repeatedly among the others.

Top 10 Wedding Regrets

#10- My dress didn’t fit

This regret centers around those infamous dress fittings. Brides felt that they waited too long to get their dress fittings and being rushed at the end, felt that it wasn’t perfect. The other side of this regret is the last minute weight gain and/or loss. What I learned from this regret was to plan ahead and try to hold steady at your target weight.

#9- My ceremony was too far from my reception site

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The logistics of a wedding are truly the most difficult to manage. Trying to remember what vases, candles or favors go to one location compared to the next is difficult to manage. Most brides that had a reception site that was more than 20 minutes from the ceremony said that they were frustrated with all the commuting. Also, many out-of-town guests got lost or disoriented between the two locations.

#8- I should have eloped

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Sometimes a wedding takes on a life of its own. It can easily become about the event or out-doing other weddings. In addition, let’s face it… every family has that person that makes you want to elope with the thought of the unannounced toast. The wedding investment should be carefully considered and make sure it is what both the bride and groom want … both now, and 6 months from now.

#7- I wish I wasn’t so obsessed with not seeing my groom before the ceremony

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Once that music starts, the wedding is underway! The rest of the day often goes by so quickly, you may want to preserve a quiet moment between the two of you. Sometimes, the only way to make sure that happens, is to do it beforehand. It may also be the only dedicated time you have that day to take some of those bridal portraits you have been dreaming about.

#6- I wish we didn’t leave for our honeymoon so quickly after the wedding

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All brides admit that the wedding day goes by faster than they want it to. They often look for any possible way to extend the day. One easy way, is to make sure your honeymoon doesn’t start so immediately. Also, you often pay top dollar for a suite that first night and may not have much time to enjoy it.

#5- I wish I would have been more comfortable at the reception

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This is the combination of two retrospective elements: #1. comfortable shoes and #2. knowing how your dress performs in the real world. Take the time to break-in your shoes, and consider comfort when shopping. You will be on your feet basically during the entire affair. Consider that when identifying the perfect shoe. Another issue is a dress that constantly needs to be pulled up, down, sideways, etc. Practice sitting and walking in your dress. And the final piece of advice here… have your friends come with you to a fitting so they know how to bustle the dress before the big day.

#4- I wish I had a video of the wedding

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Many brides think it may be vain to have the ceremony on video. They think, “when will I ever watch it” or worse yet…we’ve all been to that person’s home who MADE you watch their wedding video. That alone is enough to make you never want one. But as a bride, you don’t get to see the “big picture” of all the events. Even just having a friend video the day vs. an expensive professional, might be an option.

#3- I should have spent more time with my guests

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It’s natural and easy to get caught up in the details and those who demand your attention that day. However, it is important to recognize that your guests have traveled from all over, just for you… just for that day. Be respectful, appreciative and enjoy their participation in your wedding.

#2- I should have spent the money to get a great photographer

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When everything is finished, there is only one thing that lives beyond your wedding day—the photos. A wedding day is a wrinkle in time that speeds past you quicker than ever imagined. Having a special, professional way to capture those moments is critical. Every bride that I’ve spoken with who had taken a short cut on photography regretted that choice. It may be the last time all the generations are together, the only time some of these friends will be together or the most beautiful a bride will ever look. All of these reasons demand the best opportunity to preserve the memories. In summary, get a good photographer!

#1- I should have slowed down and enjoyed the day

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Plan. Freak out. Be a bridezilla. But when the day arrives… just let it happen. Enjoy your husband, your family, your bridesmaids and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Brides who were focused on the details missed the experience all together. Take it all in. Smile a lot. Look around at all the little things that will make this day so special. It will be over before you know it, and you will be glad you took some time to smell the bouquet.

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